In all of the arts, Mughal carpets included a love and respect of the natural world. Designs from the Mughal era in India mimic ancient Persian designs of gardens and animals.

In our Rajpur collection shown here we used the designs and themes created during the reign of Shah Jahan 1628-58. During this time period flowers in carpets moved from being secondary design elements to being primary motifs. These carpets bloom with motifs of naturalistic flowers, and landscapes.

Our Rajpur collection is a hand-knotted 100% wool Indian production. Many of the motifs and colors are taken from marble inlays and openwork screens of the Taj Mahal to jewelry, textiles, metalwork, ivory, jade, glass and wood. The carpets are vegetal dyed for a naturalistic look.

These carpets are sure to be functional pieces of art that will last many lifetimes to be enjoyed by generations to come.