Oriental carpets have long been appreciated for their beauty. That beauty is achieved through the choice of colors, designs, and qualities as well as through the manipulation of these designs, colors and qualities to form the beautiful pieces of art we know today.

In our Qajar collection shown here, we have taken two “styles” of beautiful antique textiles and created our own oriental carpet “visions”. The first “style” is that of old world Persia. The Qajar Dynasty ruled ancient Persia from approximately 1794 to 1925. Most of the designs that we have reproduced in this collection were created during this time period. We have researched out only the most unique of these ancient designs and woven them in today’s most popular colors. The second “style” that we have reproduced is that of the ancient Kashmiri shawl. These ancient “Jamawar” shawls that we have translated into oriental carpets are of the most unusual colors and designs.

The Qajar collection is a hand-knotted 100% wool compilation made in India. The wool is a blend of hand-spun, high twist Gazni wool with machine twisted Indian wool. The dyes used in these carpets are completely vegetal to achieve that “antique” look. The collection also boasts Nature’s Loom’s unique “antique” finish.

These carpets are sure to be functional pieces of art that will be enjoyed by generations to come.