During the reign of Shah Abbas (1571 - 1629), commerce and crafts prospered in Persia. Shah Abbas encouraged contacts and trade with Europe and transformed his new capital Isfahan, into one of the most glorious cities of Persia. He also created a court workshop for carpets where skilled designers and craftsmen set to work to create the famed Isfahan carpet.

Although the Isfahan design can be directly accredited to Persia the design can also be attributed to Mughal India, and Herat referred to as Indo-Isfahan.

Our Jaipur collection is our interpretation of the Isfahan carpets woven during the reign of Shah Abbas. The collection consists of only one design, but done in four different color combinations. These carpets are also available in a multitude of sizes including squares and rounds.

These carpets are sure to be functional pieces of art that will last many lifetimes to be enjoyed by generations to come.