Before you begin your search for a carpet, take some time to think about size and color. Take measure of the room the carpet will be in. In general a 2 to 3’ border of floor is nice around an oriental. Also, know where the furniture will sit in the room, you may require a smaller rug than you think you need. For example a standard size for a dinning room table will be 8x10 this will allow for the chairs to be on the rug at all times, however if the table is to be extended all of the time a larger rug may be required.

In terms of choosing color it is always a good idea to choose the rug before anything else in a room, but we all know that is not always possible. If your room is already decorated with furniture and paint, simply collect all of the swatches from the furniture, and paint to bring with you on your quest. It is also a good idea to take some pictures of the room as well.

All of this preliminary research will save you and your salespeople a lot of aggravation.


Most people get too enthralled in how many knots per square inch the carpet has. There are more important things to judge by. The weave should be fine enough to express the motifs in the carpet. While this tightness of the weave is important, the quality of the wool determines the resilience and lasting patina of a rug. The fastness of the dye is also an important factor.

Make the colors of the rug, are the colors that you need. Colors look different in all settings. What you see in rug showrooms is not necessarily what you will see in your room setting. Be sure to ask your salesperson if you can view the rug in your home before you purchase.

Make sure the design of the carpet is right for you. You don’t want to match patterns, but they should flow well. Scale of pattern is usually a concern. If the furniture in your room has a tight busy pattern, try to choose a rug that has a little looser pattern so the room does not become to busy and vise verse.

Rugs are very much like a piece of art, and therefore very subjective. Whatever you choose make sure that you love it as it will become a lasting addition to your home.