There has been an overwhelming adoption of Asian culture in the West for centuries, and today we are living in a time that celebrates Asian influence more than ever before. Asian home furnishings are in great demand from every corner of China, Japan, Indonesia, and southern India. There has been a significant push by many major American furniture manufacturers to create entire collections of Asian-inspired furniture.

Nature’s Loom, known for its rug collections inspired by historic design, is following this trend in Asian influenced design. The Asia collection is an important addition to the carpet industry, incorporating the design styles of the most influential Asian cultures today. Our new Asia collection seen here consists of eight Japanese, Chinese, and Indian-inspired designs.

We at Nature’s Loom are proud to be the pioneers of an innovative weaving technique never done before in the industry. All of the carpets in our Asia collection are hand-knotted in India with a blend of Gazni Afghan and Indian handspun wool, incorporating a high hand twisted base with a light twist in the motif giving an almost 3-D effect.

Colors for this collection have been hand selected from a variety of Asian works of art including paintings, vases, kimonos, and Japanese screens. These colors prove to be versatile, and at the same time very dramatic.

These carpets are sure to be functional pieces of art that will last many lifetimes to be enjoyed by generations to come.