“Nature’s Loom is the premier innovator and developer of better hand-knotted carpets made in India. We work very closely with the fashion industry following the color and design trends the industry demands today. Our goal is to produce carpets that will be enjoyed by generations to come.”

It takes months of hard work and hundreds of skilled Indian weavers, dye masters, and finishers to manufacture exquisite oriental carpets. The knowledge and techniques used in each step have been passed down through generations. As we choose colors, and designs for our carpets they are the ones who bring the finished goods together.

Our production is based in the Northwest province of Rajasthan in the city of Jaipur. This Mughal influenced state and city are famous for their magnificent palaces and marvelous gardens, as well as it’s abundance of precious gems and stones.

They are also famous for weaving the most beautiful and authentic looking antique oriental carpets in the world. Much of the character found in this city is found in our carpets.

Natures loom collections, like the magnificent palaces of this region, are opulent masterworks. The designs are marvelous much like the gardens, and abundant colors of precious gems found here.

The family of Mark Harounian president and CEO of Natures Loom has been in the carpet industry for over one hundred years. While browsing through a book titled, Jewish Carpets” by Anton Felton, Mark discovered a handmade Tree of Life silk Kashan with a Hebrew inscription “Miriam Assurian”, dated 1896. This rug was manufactured by Mark’s Great Grandmother! The book states that this rug was possibly commissioned by her as a donation to a synagogue for an Ark Curtain. Mark’s father Jacob “Jack” Harounian was a leading innovator in the industry literally bringing it to the United States.

Mark, who has been in the Oriental rug business for twenty years, has capitalized on his expertise by focusing Nature Loom manufacturing efforts on the looks that currently are among the hottest today. This idea supports our clients in the ever expanding retail market.

We at Natures Loom not only take great pride in our carpets, but also in the merchants who sell our product. You as a client will only find our carpets in stores where we feel the merchants and sales people are knowledgeable and exited about selling an exquisite product.